Breathing techniques part 3

OH Gianna helping me here

I am so glad and honored by it

Gianna baby you are not letting me

breathe from my mouth

I don’t like that

If I breathe from my nose too much

I’ll snore

I don’t like that

And I’ll have to buy this f*ckin product

AIRSNORE to stop snoring

AHH I don’t like that

But still it’s a fucking cooock

MMMMM oh man

I like it

Who can dislike this wonderful coock

Gianna baby don’t ever let me breathe

from my mouth again


It’s soo goood

I won’t let go

I’ll snore at night but who gives a fuck

I have this

so I’ll stop eventually!

Only thing bothers me is who is going to

pull out this cock for me

It’s like a magnet to my thong

Well I’ll just listen to a thong song

Case Closed!!!

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